Video 2015

Opening remarks:

  • Prof. Liviu Rotman, PhD, director of the Centre for the Study of Romanian Jewry and coordinator of the summer school
  • Aurel Vainer, PhD, President of the Federation of Jewish Communities in Romania

  • Prof. Rafael Vago, PhD, Tel Aviv University- The typology of Romanian Jewries – Central European? East European? South East European? In Search for a non-existing definition

  • Prof.Liviu Rotman, SNSPA/Centre for the Study of Romania Jewry- Jewish Society in Romania- A View from the Inside

  • Prof. Mihai Răzvan Ungureanu, PhD, University of Bucharest – Jews and Romanians in Moldova in the Regulatory Period (First Half of the 19th Century)

  • Cristian Vasile, PhD, “Nicolae Iorga” History Institute- Post-war Communist Cultural Policies in Romania: from the Internationalist Dimension to a National Stalinism with Xenophobic Trends

  • Prof. Madeea Axinciuc, PhD, University of Bucharest – Hasidism and Hesychasm: Consonance and Synchronicity. An Approach on the Philosophy of Religion

  • Roundtable: Controversial Issues in the History of Romanian Jews

  • Prof. Mordechai Zalkin, PhD,  Ben-Gurion University - East European Jewry: Who is in? who is out? or - what is it all about?

  • Prof. Ládislau Gyémánt, PhD, Babeş-Bolyai University- The Jews of Transylvania and Their Role in the History of the Romanian Area. A Comparative Perspective.

  • Lya Benjamin, PhD, Centre for the Study of Romania Jewry – Emancipation and Auto-emancipation in the Case of Romanian Jews

  • Adrian Cioflâncă, “A. D. Xenopol” History Institute / Centre for the Study of Romanian Jewry – Narratives of Violence in the Discourse of Ion Antonescu’s Regime

  • Roundtable: The Museum for the History of Romanian Jews; prof. Liviu Rotman, PhD, Adrian Cioflâncă, Prof. Lucian Nastasă Kovacs, PhD, prof. Ladislau Gyemant, PhD; prof. Camelia Crăciun, PhD.

  • Prof. Lucian Nastasă Kovacs, PhD, Babeş-Bolyai University / “George Bariţiu” History Institute – Universitary anti-Semitism in Romania (1919-1939)

  • Anca Tudorancea (Ciuciu), PhD, Centre for the Study of Romania Jewry – The Lipsicani Street –Visual Archeology of the Jewish Stores in the Interwar Period